Sam Fait Rouler

#1 Handi Road Trip

2 stages: 2017-2018

16 countries, 3 continents, 2 years of preparation

Samuel Marie is tetraplegic.

When he was 20, he worked as a rope access technician. Then came the fall: 6 meters (20 feet) and a few seconds later, his life took a turn for the worst. He falled but never failed, fighting for carry on living as every young man of his age.

Always up for a challenge, Samuel drives the first Handi Road Trip “Sam Fait Rouler” to make our world more accessible. To break down barriers, overcome obstacles and awaken consciences. 

Discover the project

A tailor-made concept-van to run the challenge

Samuel drives by himself staying on his wheelchair and lives inside his van during all the road-trip.
He went through a rigorous physical preparation and is assisted by a nurse who checks on him daily. He keeps leading the journey.

“Sponsoring Samuel’s Handi Road Trip means supporting a very positive and inclusive project, hopeful for many people, disabled or not. Everything is possible, even when you are in a wheelchair.” Philippe Pozzo di Borgo

France 5 – Magazine de la Santé – 31 mai 2017

CNEWS – Vent Positif – 10 juin 2017

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