Samuel Marie
Samuel Marie

Samuel Marie became tetraplegic when he was 20.
As a rope access technician, he was doing his usual acrobatic work that day. Then came the fall: 6 meters (20 feet) and a few seconds later, his life took a turn for the worst. Two shattered cervical vertebrates, 30 operations and 4 years of rehabilitation. A lengthy struggle began that could have destroyed his zest for life if he had not decided to fight at all costs. Destined for a career in sports as a professional skier, this former competitor managed to preserve his unwavering strength of will and unfailing determination against adversity. He now wants to pass on this message of hope and courage to everyone.

Samuel is always up for a challenge and he wants to break down barriers, overcome obstacles and awaken consciences.

Keen on sports, travels and adventure, Samuel fights everyday for carry on living as every young man of his age. He wants to prove that despite the handicap, disabled people can follow their dreams as he decided to do and get off the mountains with a dedicated wheelchair, drive a Ferrari on a circuit, go paragliding or practice the parachute jump.
As a curious man who loves meeting people and discovers the world, Samuel travels around Europe since 4 years with a dedicated van. He now wants to push his limits with his new challenge Sam Fait Rouler: 37 000 miles, 3 continents, 16 countries during 11 months.

« I want to fight for a world more accessible and prove to everyone that despite the handicap and thanks to will, we can accomplish great things.  »  Samuel Marie